Porn may be controversial, but it is needed

The mere mention of the word “porn” conjures up images of naked people having sex in a public place. While the popularity of adult movies has been on the rise for the past few years, it is still an embarrassing topic for many. Many people who are uncomfortable with viewing pornography ( feel that they will be labeled, stereotyped, or judged by those who are unacquainted with their particular preferences in pornography. Others are not sure if they should even view it at all. While the two sides have a lot of very valid arguments, there is still a rather large group of people who are against pornography and everything it stands for.

The arguments used by people against porn

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It is this group of people that have created the largest and most influential campaign against porn. Although it may seem counterintuitive to attack something as widespread and accepted as pornography, it is a fact that views towards it have been shifting. More people are starting to view porn as a form of sexual expression instead of pornographic material. While previous generations may have viewed porn with some hesitation or confusion, current views are much more open and positive about it.

The biggest argument against pornography is the impact that it has on sexuality. Those who are against pornography point out that viewing pornography does not promote healing or healthy sexuality. Instead, they argue that it demotivates sexuality and desensitizes men and women. The argument against pornography is most commonly made by those who are the most offended by pornography, those who are opposed to sexually degrading portrayals of women, and by people who are ashamed that the act of masturbation is often related to pornography. Even though there is some validity to these arguments, the impact of pornography on sexuality is minimal when compared to other forms of media.

People who are against pornography are usually those who view it as a sexual act or think that women in pornography are degraded, objectified, and abused. They use various examples of why women are in need of pornography to show how it hurts women and how it degrades them. However, those who do view pornography as a form of art point out that there are certain things that are found in pornography that are not found anywhere else. These include elements like eroticism, which draws people to the movies because of the stimulation it provides.

Porn is so much more than just free sex

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Perhaps the greatest reason for the increased acceptance of porn is that more people are becoming comfortable with the sexuality that is depicted in movies. Perhaps more importantly, people are starting to view porn as a form of expression and acceptance of their own sexuality. Rather than viewing it as a sexual object or activity, more people are starting to view porn as a form of literature. Viewing porn movies with the intent of finding something that they will enjoy or find appealing can serve as a form of therapy.

Why do people watch porn? Well, there are many people that do not understand the reason behind it. Porn has been widely accepted in today’s society, it is even promoted by many media channels and advertisers. So you can find softcore pornography movies just about anywhere, even in your local stores. That is why there are so many people that have started to watch it.