Best nudist beaches in Greece

grece nude beaches

Europe is known for many things: famous landmarks, rich history, and incredible food. But one thing that you may or may not be aware of is the sheer number of nudist beaches scattered throughout the continent. And Greece has some spectacular ones!

There are numerous top-rated naturist destinations in this country with beautiful views and friendly locals eager to chat with foreigners. While there are certainly at least a few opportunities to strip down in Ireland, France, and Spain as well, Greece is a place unlike any other when it comes to nude sunbathing and have some sex am strand. We’ve picked out a few of the best nude beaches in Greece, so you can start planning your next trip today!

Top nudist beaches in Greece

  • Big Banana, Skiathos: The white sand and crystal clear waters attract all types of swimmers where they can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with music or a quieter feel where they can go skinny dipping.
  • Red Sand Beach, Crete: This red sand beach in Crete boasts some of the clearest and bluest waters in the world. It can be accessed by a 30-minute hike over a small mountain. Pack light and wear sunscreen, as you won’t have the need for clothing once you get there.
  • Sweetwater, Crete: Favored by summer nudists, this nudist beach offers cool, fresh water gushing from under the rocks. You don’t need to pack anything to make this hike, as a quaint tavern perched on a rock offshore offers excellent coffee, local sausages and souvlaki.
  • Paradise Beach, Mykonos: The famous Cavo Paradiso, complete with a pool, pool bar and restaurant, sits above the beach on a hill and attracts a young crowd. Expect to blend in with the clothed crowd, as Mykonos attracts visitors of all types, not just nudists.

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Now that you know which are the most interesting beaches in Greece to visit as a nude-loving tourist, are you already packing your bags to go?

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