Best nudist beaches in Greece

Europe is known for many things: famous landmarks, rich history, and incredible food. But one thing that you may or may not be aware of is the sheer number of nudist beaches scattered throughout the continent. And Greece has some spectacular ones!

There are numerous top-rated naturist destinations in this country with beautiful views and friendly locals eager to chat with foreigners. While there are certainly at least a few opportunities to strip down in Ireland, France, and Spain as well, Greece is a place unlike any other when it comes to nude sunbathing and have some sex am strand. We’ve picked out a few of the best nude beaches in Greece, so you can start planning your next trip today!

Top nudist beaches in Greece

  • Big Banana, Skiathos: The white sand and crystal clear waters attract all types of swimmers where they can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with music or a quieter feel where they can go skinny dipping.
  • Red Sand Beach, Crete: This red sand beach in Crete boasts some of the clearest and bluest waters in the world. It can be accessed by a 30-minute hike over a small mountain. Pack light and wear sunscreen, as you won’t have the need for clothing once you get there.
  • Sweetwater, Crete: Favored by summer nudists, this nudist beach offers cool, fresh water gushing from under the rocks. You don’t need to pack anything to make this hike, as a quaint tavern perched on a rock offshore offers excellent coffee, local sausages and souvlaki.
  • Paradise Beach, Mykonos: The famous Cavo Paradiso, complete with a pool, pool bar and restaurant, sits above the beach on a hill and attracts a young crowd. Expect to blend in with the clothed crowd, as Mykonos attracts visitors of all types, not just nudists.

packing to travel

Now that you know which are the most interesting beaches in Greece to visit as a nude-loving tourist, are you already packing your bags to go?

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Sex tourism in Greece

Hundreds of tourists come to Greece every year to enjoy what we now call “sex tourism” and this is because prostitution has been legalized and regulated in Greece since 1999 when the Greek authorities decided to implement a law stipulating that all brothels must have permits.

Athens is by no means a European sex destination. However, as a large city, it certainly offers a range of sinful pleasures to its neighbors and visitors!

Cabarets and Escorts:

In Greece it is normal to see advertisements of whores in the newspapers, where they advertise their services disguising them with ads of supposed soul mates that are just an appearance to offer sexual services. These are usually quite expensive, a basic service of these whores will not go below €100.

On the other hand, there are countless strip clubs where they have dance shows (some of them quite explicit) and for a little more money you can certainly get one of those dancers to do some extra work for you (if you know what I’m talking about).

Brothels and erotic massages:

Officially there are about 230 licensed houses in the city of Athens employing about 600 prostitutes. Unofficially there are thousands of prostitutes, full-time and part-time.

Erotic massages are much easier to get and are actually quite good! Usually the same hotels where we usually stay offer the service, with girls that just by touching you you will start to feel your dick grow.

Lesbian and gay services:

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Greece may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT people. Both female and male same-sex sexual activity are legal in Greece, but families headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to different-sex couples.

We also leave you with a list of places to visit to enjoy your sexuality and good sexual services:

  • Flex Sauna Gym.
  • Hera Sauna.
  • Alexander Sauna & Gym.
  • Polihromo.
  • Sodade Club.
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Most famous actors in Hollywood with Greek ancestry

We’ve gathered a list of the most famous Hollywood actors who have greek roots. Some of them everyone knew that they had greek ancestries, whether from their name or their career, but other, you might be surprised.

Jennifer Aniston

Perhaps, the most famous one on the list. She got immortalize with her role in “Friends” and perhaps got many adolescents by that time (including me), starring and fantasying about her and subtle sexiness. Our dream almost came true when a viral sex tape video of her, got in the news. No, it wasn’t one of the best porn videos you could ever get, instead, it was an ironic videotape that involves stuffed animals, babies dancing, and a man crying at the sight of the rainbow. All this is actually a clever commercial for the SmartWater brand!

She is the daughter of Greek actor John Aniston and American actress Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston rose to fame with her role as Rachel Green in Friends.

Her father was born Giannis Anastasakis in Athens, Greece, and Anglicized his name when his family moved to the United States. Aniston starred in many Hollywood films, including Marley and Me, Along Came Polly , Horrible Bosses and Bruce Almighty .

Zach Galifianakis

If you’ve seen the Hangover trilogy , then Zach Galifianakis hardly needs an introduction. This American actor rose to fame with his Comedy Central Presents special in 2001. Now he is the host of a comedy show, Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis , where he interviews celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman, Brad. Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He has appeared in many films and television shows, including Birdman, The Lego Batman Movie and most recently, A Wrinkle in Time .

Tina Fey

Executive producer, screenwriter and star of the comedy series 30 Rock , Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey is an award-winning television and film actress. Her mother, Zenobia “Jeanne” (née Xenakes) was born in Piraeus, Athens and immigrated to the United States as a child. Her maternal grandmother is from Lakonia, Peloponnese. Fey has won two Golden Globes, an Emmy, four SAG Awards and a People’s Choice Award. She has appeared in many projects, including.

Olympia Dukakis

The daughter of Greek immigrants Constantine and Alexandra Dukakis, Olympia Dukakis is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning Greek-American actress from Lowell, Massachusetts. While you may not have seen her in a film recently, she has appeared in many films, including Steel Magnolias, 3 Needles, Jane Austen’s Mafia !, In the Land of Women and Moonstruck , for which she won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Her portrayal of Anna Madrigal in the television miniseries Tales of the City earned her an Emmy Award nomination. In 2013, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nia Vardalos

Famous for her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding , adapted from her one-woman play and inspired by her own story, Nia Vardalos is a Canadian-American actress from Winnipeg, Canada. The daughter of Greek-Canadian parents Doreen Christakis and Constantine “Gus” Vardalos, she wears many hats and has produced a few independent films, including I Hate Valentine’s Day and My Life in Ruins , the first American film to receive permission to shoot on Acropolis. She reprised her role as Toula Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 , which was less successful than the original.

Maria Menounos

Born in Medford, Massachusetts, actress and television personality Maria Menounos is the daughter of Greek parents Costas and Litsa Menounos. A correspondent for Extra, Access Hollywood and Today , she had a small role in Fantastic Four and appeared in several television shows, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and One Tree Hill . He also co-hosted the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Athens, along with singer Sakis Rouvas. Menounos is a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment and has participated in several matches (and even participated in them).

Rita Wilson

Many know that actor Tom Hanks loves Greece and regularly spends summers there, thanks to his wife. Rita Wilson. Born Margarita Ibrahimoff in Los Angeles, California, Wilson is Greek through her mother, Dorothea Genkos, a Greek native from Sotirë, Albania, near the Greek border. Her father, Hassan Halilov Ibrahimoff, was a Bulgarian Muslim born in Oraio, Greece, near the Bulgarian border. He later converted to Orthodox Christianity and took the name Allan Wilson. Raised in an Orthodox household, Wilson appeared in

Insomniac in Seattle , Jingle All Way, The Story of Us and Runaway Bride . He has also produced several films, including My Big Fat Greek Wedding.



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Are You Heading to Greece in 2021 as a Volunteer? Check These Recommendations

It has been noted the coming of young European volunteers, driven by an impulse of solidarity who, knowing little of the local reality, will insert themselves in the field framed by an NGO from which they do not always receive sufficient guidance or effective assistance in case they find themselves in a concrete situation of difficulty or risk.

The situation that persists in some islands in the Aegean Sea, particularly Lesbos, Chios, and Samos, due to the existing migratory flux in the Eastern Mediterranean, is being alerted:

  • Since the camps where these volunteers will be working are located on the islands or in Northern Greece, apart from the telephone contacts that can be made, consular assistance from Athens has considerable limitations.
  • It is highly desirable that volunteers who intend to travel to these regions:
  • Learn about the refugee situation in Greece and specifically about the NGO they will be working with and the guidance and assistance they will receive in the field;

Given the occurrence of incidents on Greek territory with the illegal entry and transportation of migrants, it is suggested to all professionals in the transport of goods, especially truck drivers, when traveling to Greece, to ensure that their vehicle is properly locked throughout the journey, as well as to plan the trip in advance by studying the planned route.

It is also suggested that they seek additional information, for their personal protection, from their respective companies and professional associations

Pandemic Situation and Restrictions as of May 2021

In light of the evolving epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19 in Greece, the Greek Government has announced the lifting of the mandatory seven-day quarantine, as of April 19, 2021, for passengers permanently residing in an EU member state, Schengen area, UK. United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, and Israel provided that they present a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to arrival in Greece or a vaccination certificate in English issued by a public entity and that 14 days have passed since the administration of the vaccination (including, if applicable, the second dose).

All travelers who wish to travel to Greece are still required to fill out the Passenger Location Form (PLF).

Movement of people in Greece during Covid

– Prohibition of movement between districts; of movement of people between 21:00 and 05:00 on weekdays and between 22:00 and 05:00 on weekends;
– Prohibition of gathering/grouping;

– Mandatory use of mask in both indoor/closed spaces and outdoor/open spaces;

– Prohibition to enter public transportation without wearing a mask.

The circulation of people will be allowed after approval of special request  only for these reasons:

1- Health (going to the pharmacy, doctor’s appointment, or hospital/clinic);
2 – Supermarket
3 – Public service (with appointment) / bank as long as the user cannot be attended to electronically;
4 – Providing assistance to people;
5 – Social event (wedding, baptism, funeral);
6- Exercising or walking with a pet.

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Knowing more about transvestites that come to Greece

Being Greece is one of the favorite destinations for the LGBT community, especially in its famous islands such as Lesbos or Mykonos, it is important to know a little more about some of these genders, in this case addressing the issue of transsexuals.

Despite being one of the most famous destinations, there is still a lot of discrimination from locals and even from other tourists

What do men look for in transvestites?

Sex and sexuality although they are closely related are not exactly the same.  The nature of our bodies establishes two sexes, but starting from that nature is not the only thing that defines sexuality, that is to say, with whom the person decides to go to bed, there are other factors that intervene.  The human being since ancient times has been experiencing different facets of sexual diversity.

The transvestite is not a homosexual male, it is a trans woman, only that she denies her origin, which is to be of the sex of a male. The transvestite is not ashamed of his genitals, which happens with the trans.

It is said that a heterosexual man could feel attracted to have a sexual relationship with a transvestite.  It is no secret that in many places there are men who look for transvestites to have sex.  And although there are those who flatly reject some virile gestures such as the male voice, it is a paradox that they are attracted to see male genitalia.  There are those who like operated transsexuals and others who like transvestites and lesbians.

Surprisingly there are relationships in which the man plays the passive role and the transvestite plays the active one, a point to be stated is that actually although a man seeks anal pleasure he is not necessarily homosexual, experts say.

It is not played that some men seek with transvestites and lesbians fucking. The goal is to enjoy and a lot, but only very few dare to admit it.  Let’s not turn a blind eye, if there is a lot of supply of transgender prostitution and transvestites, it is because there is demand, there are many hungry men who go out for them.  And it is said that a huge number of men who get turned on by transsexuals end up repeating the adventure.

Something that will seem very complicated for some men is to achieve a relationship with a trans woman, as they know that this relationship can be clearly rejected by everyone.

Infidelity with a trans woman

There are a number of men who hide throughout their lives their tastes for trans women and transvestites, and almost always develop a relationship with a woman who rarely shows where her tastes lie.  There are women who may be more open, who would more or less accept their husband’s interest but would never agree to date a transvestite.  There are couples who even decide, in order to feel more motivated in the relationship, to include a transvestite in the bed.

Some men who desire a relationship with a transvestite find themselves in a dilemma that could become distressing over time.  And is that if they feel a huge desire to be with a transvestite, and they are in a relationship, then they will be facing the problem of what to do. It is a reality that can be somewhat uncomfortable, and if your female partner were to find out, it would become a situation that would jeopardize the relationship and for him a cause of embarrassment.

When a man begins to look for transvestites there are details that begin to give him away such as covert calls, many nights out, excessive use of chat. Social norms can keep men who have a normal relationship but feel a desire to be with a transvestite, imprisoned.

Stereotypes established by society

Traditional models are changing and are replaced by new customs.  And perhaps they are not entirely new customs, but ones that until recently were completely hidden.

Many people are curious about a subject that has so much to analyze. There are people who believe that the motivation in finding a transvestite is to fulfill an intimate fantasy, to have a stable relationship; if it is a transvestite with money the motivation may be economic, but it is common to find that the motivation is for attraction.

With the transvestite whenever the person wants, he will have sex, and that will be decisive for many men to want, even if they have their wife, to want to spend some time or have a date with the transvestite.  In the eyes of some men, transvestites are attractive and exuberant, and the temptation to be with one can never be avoided.

Conchita Wurst singer

Cross-dressing is not new, it is seen a lot in free erotic movies. It has been in humanity since ancient times, and the number of men who tend to seek this type of relationship has never been small, even men established in families, and with important positions are continually having the temptation to be with a transvestite.

Those who hide that taste do it because they will not agree or will see it very bad, there are people who reject outright that kind of relationship because they consider it immoral, but the reality is reality, many people are interested in spending those moments of pleasure to feel that sexually they have achieved the level they want and no one can avoid it.

Today even in the media there are transvestites and home videos, and it is something that even in conservative countries many people are beginning to accept little by little.

If a man in a stable relationship goes out looking for transvestites, it is clear that it will affect the couple, but the desire to have that kind of relationship can be normal, especially if one looks at it from the point of view of diversity in sexual desire.

In the evening hours, in a corner of any city, there may be a transvestite, and minutes later a horny guy will appear to pick him up and get a moment of pleasure. Undoubtedly, transvestites will give those who are attracted to this type of encounter a desire to fuck, and the possibility of doing it in the circle of an exotic relationship, so to speak. Those who are tempted to do so will sooner or later, if they have not already done so, become involved in such an experience.

The topic is somewhat widespread, and that helps more people to be tolerant when talking about it. If you are one of those who are looking for a transvestite at night, don’t feel self-conscious, just take into account some precautions, and if in the end, it is an encounter that makes you feel great, then enjoy it!

Porn may be controversial, but it is needed

The mere mention of the word “porn” conjures up images of naked people having sex in a public place. While the popularity of adult movies has been on the rise for the past few years, it is still an embarrassing topic for many. Many people who are uncomfortable with viewing pornography ( feel that they will be labeled, stereotyped, or judged by those who are unacquainted with their particular preferences in pornography. Others are not sure if they should even view it at all. While the two sides have a lot of very valid arguments, there is still a rather large group of people who are against pornography and everything it stands for.

The arguments used by people against porn

Image of a thumbs down hand sign

It is this group of people that have created the largest and most influential campaign against porn. Although it may seem counterintuitive to attack something as widespread and accepted as pornography, it is a fact that views towards it have been shifting. More people are starting to view porn as a form of sexual expression instead of pornographic material. While previous generations may have viewed porn with some hesitation or confusion, current views are much more open and positive about it.

The biggest argument against pornography is the impact that it has on sexuality. Those who are against pornography point out that viewing pornography does not promote healing or healthy sexuality. Instead, they argue that it demotivates sexuality and desensitizes men and women. The argument against pornography is most commonly made by those who are the most offended by pornography, those who are opposed to sexually degrading portrayals of women, and by people who are ashamed that the act of masturbation is often related to pornography. Even though there is some validity to these arguments, the impact of pornography on sexuality is minimal when compared to other forms of media.

People who are against pornography are usually those who view it as a sexual act or think that women in pornography are degraded, objectified, and abused. They use various examples of why women are in need of pornography to show how it hurts women and how it degrades them. However, those who do view pornography as a form of art point out that there are certain things that are found in pornography that are not found anywhere else. These include elements like eroticism, which draws people to the movies because of the stimulation it provides.

Porn is so much more than just free sex

Image of a thumbs up hand sign

Perhaps the greatest reason for the increased acceptance of porn is that more people are becoming comfortable with the sexuality that is depicted in movies. Perhaps more importantly, people are starting to view porn as a form of expression and acceptance of their own sexuality. Rather than viewing it as a sexual object or activity, more people are starting to view porn as a form of literature. Viewing porn movies with the intent of finding something that they will enjoy or find appealing can serve as a form of therapy.

Why do people watch porn? Well, there are many people that do not understand the reason behind it. Porn has been widely accepted in today’s society, it is even promoted by many media channels and advertisers. So you can find softcore pornography movies just about anywhere, even in your local stores. That is why there are so many people that have started to watch it.

Summary of places to see in Greece

Greece has a lot to offer to someone that visit us for the first time. It is definitely one of the top touristic places to visit, not only in Europe, but also around the world.

Below, we present a short summary of which places you ought to not miss if you check out Greece for the first time. But first, let’s talk about some important points you should consider

What is the most effective time to check out Greece?

The high period runs from June to September. This is the most effective time for tourist, as the European summer season is taking place in these months. For those seeking a milder environment, the months of October and also April are suitable, with less hot days.

Important Tips before going to Greece

Are you loaded with things to consider and still need to prepare the entire trip? Or you’ve seen it all, yet you’ve got that familiar “Did I neglect something?” sensation. So loosen up, we’ll assist you with some suggestions you can not forget before you board.

Greek Gastronomy Tourism

Greece is a gastronomic paradise. Being come down from Greeks, it’s my favorite food. The most well-known recipe is moussaka, a type of lasagna that carries eggplant, bolognese sauce as well as béchamel cream.

For those that don’t intend to invest a lot of cash, the perfect is to invest in souvlaki or gyros. It’s the famous Greek bbq offered on a bread (pita), tomato, onion, tsatsiki (a type of Greek pâté with dried out curd, cucumber and also garlic), seasonings and also chips (optional). For fish and shellfish lovers, octopus with oven noodles is additionally among the most regular meals.

Athens Greece

Among the most beautiful areas I’ve ever before understood, Acropolis is a journey in human background. The Parthenon, holy place of the siren Athens, was developed between 447 as well as 438 B.C. The marble flooring is very unsafe since it receives many people. It’s worth taking added treatment with your shoes. The Temple of Erecteion is among the most strange and also was built throughout the Peloponnese War. Because of the battle, it was completed in 406 BC.

Athens is the country’s resources and an exterior spectacle, specifically when we walk near Acropolis and also watch the Parthenon, the site’s biggest postcard as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To learn more about the Greek Islands from Athens, there are numerous ferry boats leaving from the Port of Piraeus. The port is 12 km from the centre of Athens, in a small town that bears the very same name as the port. To reach the Port of Piraeus is simple, the accessibility can be by cars and truck (with easy vehicle parking), by city and even by train.

Greece Tourism – Tips from the most known Islands

The Greek island holds spectacular landscapes as well as super silent coastlines and spectacular tours . A few of Greece’s major views – apart from the Parthenon in Antennae – are the Greek islands. There are greater than 200 populated islands, each with an unique and also one-of-a-kind attribute. There’ll be time to meet them all.

We’ve separated for you the primary islands and the ones I’m most enthusiastic concerning. I’ll inform you a bit of each:

Island of Santorini

Santorini is the most effective understood and also most gone to Greek


island. Suitable for a romantic stroll for 2. The coastlines are not as stunning as on other islands, but the white houses look lovely.

Still to close the enchanting scene, and also stay in memory, the sunset is just one of one of the most renowned on the planet. It’s worth it!

Island of Mykonos

Mykonos is also one of the most prominent islands in the nation. Besides the great gastronomy, the area is known by the celebrations as well as beach clubs, which are the piece de resistances. The coastlines are crowded with foreigners in the summer season.

Ionian Islands

The islands of the Ionian Sea are also another much desired location, as well as not atoa! The islands look extremely various from the well-known Santorini and Mykonos.

Among the islands is Zakynthos, there is one of the most well-known and attractive beaches in the world, Naufrágio Beach or Navagio Beach. The different look is because of a Scottish ship stranded on the sand, plus the water which is an unique blue. I’m certain you’ll obtain a great deal of photos!

Kephalonia or Cephalonia, is the biggest island in the Ionian Sea. There is no absence of paradisiacal beaches there either, at every turn it is a discovery. The road looks gorgeous, rent out a cars and truck as well as appreciate your keep there.

Furthermore, there are a number of towns – Assos, Agia Efimia, Sami and Skala – with several dining establishments with regular foods as well as souvenir shops.

Milos Island

Milos is likewise a great option to see, with an extra rustic beauty than the close-by Santorini and Mykonos. Milos is a very rewarding stop for those who like nature.


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